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Help Victims of Human Trafficking Reclaim Their Lives

Human Trafficking is considered as one of the highest forms of human rights violation. Inside the Philippines and abroad, trafficking of Filipino children and women are rampant. Every year thousands of young women and children are deceived by traffickers. They are mislead, sold, prostituted, enslaved and exploited. The Visayan Forum Foundation assists these victims through a comprehensive package of services. We help women and children who require healing services, information technology and life skills training and provide them with a safe place, especially to those who pursue legal cases against their traffickers. We also offer immediate protective services in strategic port for those who are in transit.

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Comprehensive healing and recovery package that includes counseling and other psycho-social services and provision of food in a shelter for one (1) child for one year. USD 500.00
Long term healing and reintegration, legal assistance and educational support on life skills, information technology and business/enterprise development. USD 500.00
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