A New Research on Modern Slavery in Asia

The research reveals indicators of modern slavery in Asia based on the experiences of overseas workers, particularly in Hong Kong and Singapore. It also presents the effects and economic outcomes of migration. Read More.

VF data affirms vulnerability of youth, women and girls; males also at risk

Based on data from over 11,500 potential trafficking victims served in Visayan Forum’s shelters and safe house from 2000-2011, women and girls remain most vulnerable. Read More.

Tumbang Preso, a must-see movie

Tumbang Preso is a film that “succeeds in portraying the horrors of human trafficking, according to the Cinema Evaluation Board after giving the film an “A” grade.   Now showing in SM cinemas. Read More



Cecilia to Speak at the Vatican for Voices of Faith 2016

On March 8, 2016, VF’s President and Executive Director, Cecilia oebanda, at the invitation of the Fidel Gotz Foundation, will lend her voice at the annual Voices of Faith Storytelling Event at the Vatican. Watch this video to know more about the event, or visit...

Cecilia, finalist for Anti-Trafficking Award

London, United Kingdom – “this is great recognition for the anti-trafficking efforts of the Philippines, 2 awards in one month from two globally recognized organizations; this is the Filipino pride!”, Cecilia Oebanda excitedly said upon receiving notice that...


Mother of the Lost: Arirang’s film on Trafficking

At the end of 2015, Arirang TV aired a documentary on Visayan Forum Foundation Inc. , its interventions, partners, and its leader, Ma. Cecilia Flores – Oebanda, entitled “Mother of the Lost: Saving the Children Who’ve Lost their Childhood” This 269th...
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